Peripheral systems

Peripheral assembly

The neyret group can offer our clients a very wide range of peripheral equipment to round out and boost the efficiency and performance of our assembly machines, whether they are indexed (cam-driven) or continuous motion machines.  

Our range of palletisers – depalletisers


  • the ideal solution to insert fragile and complex components into your production line,
  • standard or custom,
  • independent or integrated


Force Course Station

This highly compact station ensures to insert parts at constant position, no matter the variability in tolerance of the components to be assembled, with a force control up to 150DaN.  


Labelling solutions

This label unrolling and application solution enables Datamatrix scan checks, variable data printing, vision printing checks and more.  


SPV: variable pitch satellite

This system enables items to be fed continuously and eliminates any impacts between products.  


SIS: synchronised satellite

This application is reserved for components which take longer to be fed (such as springs, tubes, sleeves, etc.) into a high-speed assembly system.  


The Cardioid: a double variable pitch satellite

This facilitates the transfer of components from one assembly system to another, improving flexibility.  It also provides an opportunity to conduct checks and apply glue and silicon, among other applications.  


Pharma hopper

This assembly machine feed device includes a rapid emptying system.  Please note the absence of a retention zone for components and improved ease of access for cleaning.  


Loading hopper

This type of hopper is often placed high up, and is used to feed components into the machines.  In order to eliminate the need for additional platforms, the lower hoppers are fitted with ascending conveyor belts to fill the vibrating bowls or upper hoppers.