Medical – therapy

Machines of assembly for the medical industry

Our assembly machines for medical industry are made especially to assemble medical devices such as syringe safety systems, morphine pumps, injector pens, needles, inhalers and other pieces of equipment. In order to meet the needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, our assembly automation is designed to be used in cleanrooms (from classes 100 to 100,000), and to be used in line with the GMP and FDA directives. We validate those directions in our own ISO 8 cleanroom, in order to guarantee you efficient equipment and 100% safe for your production.

By working with us, you are sure to have a high performance assembly machine 100% adapted to your special needs for your production of medical and pharmaceutical devices. Contact us to tel us your requirements.

If you don’t find your area, take a look to our custom assembly machine.



Machines à haute cadence indexée

The Neyret Group relies on our years of experience, our expertise and our talent for innovation to design and develop our personalised assembly solutions.  Machine designs, checks and vision tests are conducted according to a careful, multi-step process.

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