Diagnoses and improvements

On the cutting edge of technology

Adapting to the technological developments of your market and your products

After several years of service, your installation may need a full check-up, and even a few adjustments to restore it to the efficiency and effectiveness it had when it was first installed.

At the same time, your products may have changed and your production volumes may have increased… or maybe technological developments in your sector are encouraging you to seek a new way forward?

Once we’ve conducted a full, in-depth examination of the installation, we will partially (or, if necessary, completely) revise and personalise it according to your expectations.  If you wish, we can upgrade it to incorporate the latest technological developments.

This retrofit allows us to replace some of your components without having to modify their functions.  We can run this type of intervention on the mechanical, electrical and software aspects of your installation, as well as on the automatic, vision and robotic functions.


Machines à haute cadence indexée

The Neyret Group relies on our years of experience, our expertise and our talent for innovation to design and develop our personalised assembly solutions.  Machine designs, checks and vision tests are conducted according to a careful, multi-step process.

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