Indexed motion

Assembly with indexed kinematics

Cam-driven assembly machines: ergonomics as a top priority

Our machines are based on a rotating table and the use of manipulators which work from the inside to the outside of the machine, and provide a very high level of accessibility to operators and maintenance personnel for any type of intervention.  For even greater ergonomics, we have designed an ingenious housing opening system to provide 360° access.  The satellite platforms are also designed to be easy-access.  

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our automatic assembly machine.

Assembly motion systems: a world of opportunity

Société Guy Neyret indexed motion machines can be adapted to any sector or industry, and for all types of component geometry, from the simplest to the most complex. By designing our rotary assembly machines according to our clients’ products and specific problems, we are able to meet each client’s individual needs and requirements.  This is why we have, as of today, developed a range of more than 120 types of specific manipulators.  A machine can accommodate up to 36 manipulation/process stations for a 1,440mm rotating platform.  What’s more, the nests can easily be changed (by turning them 90°), improving the machine’s flexibility.

At the same time, we can also integrate an infinite array of additional techniques :

  • laser, ultrasonic or thermal welding
  • industrial vision, dimension checks
  • flow, pressure, volume control
  • laser, inkjet, pad printing
  • gluing, riveting, screwing, labelling, greasing, oiling, silicon application
  • supervision, etc.