Continuous motion

Assembly machine with high speed and continuous kinematics

A continuous motion machine allows long processing time while manufacturing at high rate. This fully mechanical system guarantee high precision and repeatability. A  key factor for mass production in the medical, beauty and homecare sector.

This high-speed automation machine never loses control with the components introduced continuously and capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously.

The Output can reach 1200 parts per minute depending on the complexity of the part and includes all sort of process operations such as crimping, clipping, gluing, ultrasonic welding, laser and inkjet printing, labelling, siliconizing as well as checking tests such as presence, orientation, height, flow and pressure tests measures, and all sorts of vision inspection.

We are the only manufacturer in the world able to perform UltraSonic welding in continuous motion.

Another important feature is the number of moving parts that are limited and identical reducing the maintenance operations and spare parts stock.

Also at identical output the Machine footprints is smaller than other technologies, an important factor for equipment running in clean room environment.

This technology is particularly suitable for

  • manufacturers of disposable consumer products (perfume and lotion pumps, actuators, aerosol valves, trigger sprayer, pens, , batteries),
  • manufacturers of medical consumables (safety syringes, lancets, IV sets, auto-injectors, etc.),
  • and manufacturers of other high-volume products (all sorts of caps and closures, irrigation drippers, etc.).