Continuous motion

Assembly machine with high speed and continuous kinematics

With dials housing between 6 and 42 pins, and in conjunction with other satellite or vision stations, LAGNIEL SAS can provide complex assembly and checking processes at extremely high speed.  

High-speed assembly machines for maximum volume and quality

The fully mechanical movements handled by these assembly machines guarantee a high level of strength and durability. We have a wide range of different clients for these services :

  • manufacturers of disposable consumer products (perfume spray nozzles, aerosol valves, spray-gun vaporisers, pens, food packaging components, batteries),
  • manufacturers of medical consumables (syringes, IV sets, blood auto-injectors, etc.),
  • and manufacturers of other high-volume products (all sorts of caps and closures, irrigation drippers, etc.).

Additionally, our assembly machines provide the capacity to integrate an infinite range of additional techniques, such as :

  • crimping, clipping, gluing
  • ultrasonic welding
  • industrial vision, dimensional checks
  • flow, pressure, volume control
  • laser, inkjet printing
  • silicon application, labelling
  • supervision, etc.