Our work and our values

Reliable teams

At the neyret group, we take our corporate culture seriously.  Both inside and outside the company, with our clients and with our suppliers, this means a total commitment to shared success and development.  It’s a strategy that works; just look at the major international groups who choose to keep working with us.

Our group is always attentive and ready to listen to our clients’ needs and constraints.  We provide the right skills and the best-adapted technology to optimise the productivity and quality of their products, which is get back to our assembly automation area.

We rely on highly qualified project teams to work hand in hand with our clients and suppliers over the long term, and in complete confidentiality.

For each client file, we create a personalised project management team to handle it.  They have the full support of both the company and our suppliers, and are closely monitored via weekly project review meetings to ensure that they meet their obligations in terms of the technical specifications, deadlines and quality.

We ensure fully transparent project oversight for our clients, running a number of joint review meetings which punctuate the project from beginning to end.

And by keeping progress, quality, confidentiality and dedication at the heart of what we do, the neyret group will continue to grow, develop and offer more and better services to our clients :

  • a constantly improving industrial corporate culture, enabling us to transform our clients’ specific needs into the right assembly equipment which provides the performance they require,
  • we reinvest our profits back into R&D, ensuring that we stay ahead of the  technological curve and can continue to innovate,
  • a proactive quality strategy for product validation and qualification, (GAMP, CFR 21 Part 11, FAT, SAT for internal cleanrooms),
  • a total respect for sales agreements, technical specifications and confidentiality, ensuring that we remain as competitive as possible.


Machines à haute cadence indexée

The Neyret Group relies on our years of experience, our expertise and our talent for innovation to design and develop our personalised assembly solutions.  Machine designs, checks and vision tests are conducted according to a careful, multi-step process.

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