Special purpose machines

Design of special machines

Beside our continuous or index platform, neyret group provides equipment under the term of “special purpose machines” . 

It could be back step machine, pilot or semi-automatic machine on robotic or rotary table platform, servo or mechanical linear transfer, modular linear pallet transfer, magnetic track shuttle transfer.

There are multiple factors on proposing these platforms to our prospects or customers. It depends on the number of components to assemble, the processes to integrate, the complexity,  the flexibility, the volume, the open time, the output, the budget.

All these factors drives the technology to develop. Neyret group will propose the most innovative and robust solutions customized to the needs and requirements. Driven market are the medical, personal and homecare, connectors, electricals, hardware, stationary product, and automotive industries.

Open mind, innovation and adaptation are characterizing neyret group as your partner